Arthur Freiherr Arz von Straussenburg 1857 - 1935

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    Arthur Freiherr Arz von Straussenburg June 16, 1857 - June 1 1935

    was an Austro-Hungarian Colonel-General and last Chief of General Staff to the Austro-Hungarian Army.

    Born among the ancient Saxon settlers of east Transylvania, Arz was the product of a noble "Seven Mountains" family. His father, Albert Arz von Straussenburg served as an evangelical preacher and curate as well as a member of the House of Magnates. Schooled in Dresden and Hermannstadt, Arz graduated "with great achievement", and went on to read law at university during which time he volunteered for one years service in a Hungarian feldjäger battalion during 1876/1877.

    At war's break in Summer 1914, von Straussenburg requested a transfer to a field assignment and was oncemore given command of the 15th infantry which participated in the closing stages of Komorów. Almost immediately thereafter, on September 7th, Arz was given command of the 6th corps, taking over from Boroević In charge of the 6th corps he performed outstandingly and with great energy at Limanowa-Lapanów where his unit formed part of the fourth army. At Gorlice-Tarnów he was gain to pay an outstanding role and was in command again at Grodek-Magierow and Brest-litowsk during the summer of 1915. In September 1915 he was promoted to the rank of General der Infanterie, and having fought alongside Mackensen's 11th army he gained the respect of the Germans in his abilities as a commander.

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