Army P.O.W.'s poem about R.A.F.

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    This poem was written be a Sergeant of the Irish Guards at Fallingbostel September 1944.

    A sore point with the Army was the lack of Royal Air Force cover during the early stages of the war during the battles in the Low Countries and France.

    It shows how these feelings changed during the course of the war.


    In 1940 May and June,
    When "Jerry" was singing the victory's tune,
    On every side the Tommies cried
    Oh! where is our ....... Air Force?

    When our puny forces fought for their lives,
    Against tanks and the Stukas deadly dives,
    Our aerial support was next to nought,
    Oh! where was our ...... Air Force?

    A rifle and bayonette was excellent no doubt,
    To defend ones self in man to man bout,
    But when anxious eye saw plane filled sky,
    We needed that ...... Air Force.

    Waves of "Jerries" were always arriving,
    Without opposition bombing and diving,
    As their guns stuttered our boys muttered,
    Oh! where is our ..... Air Force?

    As every wave of planes appeared,
    Our men all hopefully upward peered,
    But the same old thing - a cross on the wing,
    Oh! where was our ..... Air Force?

    These boys fought on until completely surrounded,
    With tanks, artillery, and planes they were pounded,
    But British pluck was there, except in the air,
    Oh! where was our ...... Air Force?

    When into captivity they knew they were bound,
    'Cept those whose hero's grave had found,
    They looked again for a British plane,
    But no sign of that ...... Air Force.

    When later the news through prison camps ran,
    That the great Battle of Britain had began,
    And a terrific fight with Germany's might,
    Was being made by our ...... Air Force.

    Men thought of wife, son and daughter,
    And dreaded news of wholesale slaughter,
    But heroes were there and taking the air,
    The men of our ...... Air Force.

    We heard of these men who fought like Gods,
    In the skies against such fearful odds,
    The lion's roar was heard once more,
    From the men of our ...... Air Force.

    Many brave hearts found an airman's death,
    Fighting to the last gallant British breath,
    And as they died, we swelled with pride,
    Of these men of our ...... Air Force.

    When towns were battered and people were slain,
    These boys went up again and again,
    Prepared to die in battle torn sky,
    Hats off to our ...... Air Force.

    In 1940, men know they spoke too soon,
    But they are honest enough to change their tune,
    If you ask today every man will say,
    Hooray! for our ...... Air Force.

    For now we are able to feast our eyes,
    On Allied airplanes blackening the skies,
    It isn't a dream we stand supreme,
    Thank God! for our ...... Air Force.
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