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    Ainley, William Preston, Uffington, Oct. 12-1915.
    Ainley, Frederick William, Wimereux, Dec. 5-1918.

    The Rev. William Preston Ainley was a Curate at St.Andrews Church ( not sure where )
    He enlisted as a Private in the RAMC and died of Spotted Fever - Menigitis at Ripon Camp - believed buried at St. Paul's Churchyard Chippenham - private grave - Frederick William was his brother !

    In Memory of
    Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. FREDERICK WILLIAM AINLEY

    Army Chaplains' Department
    attd. Chaplains Gen. Office, Boulogne
    who died
    on 05 December 1918

    Remembered with honour

    AINLEY Frank (?) William
    Chaplain 4th Class, Royal Army Chaplains Department. Died 5-12-18. Terlincthun British Cemetery France.

    Medal card of Ainley, F W
    Royal Army Chaplin's Department Reverend
    Date 1914-1920

    He was a Chaplain 4th Class in the Army and it looks like he died after the Armistice ! but I can't find out too much about him ... does anybody have SDGW please ?
    He is buried in the Terlincthun British Cemetery Wimille - which is on the northern outskirts of Boulogne. His grave reference is XII B 23.

    Here's a picture of William Preston Ainley .......

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