Arizona's Hispanic 'flyboys' in WWII

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    My friend just told me his cousin wrote this book ..... now I have to look for it !! :) another subject that isn't discussed very much !!

    As Rudolph C. Villarreal flipped through pages of old newspapers dating back to the 1940s, one Hispanic name after another struck the Tempe man's curiosity.

    Avila, Barraza, Campos, Carrillo, Gallegos, Larini, Mabante and Orrantia.

    Hundreds of young men, contemporaries of Villarreal's father, served as pilots, bombardiers, navigators, gunners, flight engineers and radio operators with the Army Air Corps during World War II.

    Many were the American-born sons of Mexican immigrant farm workers and miners from small-town Arizona. Many lost their lives in their country's service.

    And, if, Villarreal hadn't taken his discovery in the library that day 15 years ago with a sense of purpose, the sacrifice of Arizona's Hispanic 'flyboys' might have been overlooked.

    Instead, he has written a self-published book: Arizona's Hispanic Flyboys, 1941-1945.

    Arizona's Hispanic 'flyboys' in WWII
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    Over 400,000 Hispanics served in the U.S. armed forces during this war. Twelve were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    In the Pacific theater, the 158th Regimental Combat Team, known as the Bushmasters, an Arizona National Guard unit comprised of many Hispanic soldiers, saw heavy combat. They earned the respect of General MacArthur who referred to them as "the greatest fighting combat team ever deployed for battle." Company E of the 141st Regiment of the 36th Texas Infantry Division was made up entirely of [Hispanic] Americans, the majority of them from Texas. In recognition of their extended service and valor, the members of the 141st garnered 31 Distinguished Service Crosses, 12 Legion of Merits, 492 Silver Stars, 11 Soldier's Medals, 1,685 Bronze Stars, as well as numerous commendations and decorations. In all, twelve Hispanic soldiers received the Medal of Honor for their services during World War II.

    Juan J Martinez

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