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  1. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi Anzaks,
    This is a shield presented to me by the MTO Maj Bob ......... during a visit to his mess.
    Brings back happy memories and a wry smile when I remember how much we drank during this visit.
    I thought it may be of interest.


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  2. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Very nice shield Keith.

    You are not insinuating that Aussies liked a drink are you?
  3. Cobber

    Cobber New Member

    A very nice piece of memorabilia, I'm glad it is in the hands of someone who'll look after it.
    Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, ANZUK's a quaint take on the olden day ANZAC's. What years was that unit in Singapore, at a guess the 1950's and 60's,
  4. John

    John Active Member

    By gee I must have lived a sheltered life. I have heard of ANZUK before - but it sure sounds good
  5. Keith

    Keith New Member

    Hi All,

    To try and check when I got the plaque, I entered " ANZUK Medical & Dental Equiptment Depot,
    Singapore" and discovered an assotment of marvelous sites.
    "Military Abbreviations & acronyms, Australian & N.Z.
    Another was "WHEN THE WAR IS OVER - LET THE BATTLE BEGIN" comes up as a Word Doc.
    geoff would be interested if not already seen.

    ps. the plaque was presented to me in Rhinedallen, during Ex. Plainsailing 1969.

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