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    ok,i am going to need every fanatic out there to help me find a book;the author's name is heber a. holbrook,the name of the book is "the history and times of uss was mentioned in another book about the portland called "sweet pea at war,a history of uss portland"by thomas generous jr.holbrook also authored another book on the history of uss san francisco as he served on the 'frisco.i've looked on several websites with no luck yet.if anyone can recommend where i can search for this elusive and i guess rare book i would sure be grateful.insidentally,generous' book "sweetpea at war"was a good read if you're into ww2 pacific naval ,ship,crew,battle,day to day at sea stuff.i knew my dad served on portland and was in some serious slug outs,but hadn't realized she was one of the most decorated ships in all of ww2.thanks again for any info.
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    Have you tried doing a search on I have successfully found books that were published in the late 1940s.

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    I have tried a search but nothing was returned! You might find a rare book shop who can carryout a search for you but that would probably cost a fortune!
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    Ok, I have found a couple of references to the article (note it is an article, not a book)

    It was published in "The Pacific Ship and Shore Historical Review" in 1990. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find edition/volume details, and their website is now dead. However, you could ask your local library to see if they can find it indexed (in Britain, magazines and journals are indexed and we can usually track it down via inter-library loans).
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