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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jmoore, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Hi everyone my name is Jmoore, I'v only just joined. Iam trying to find some info about my Late fathers Army career, I have only just found out he was in the 4th Camarons he appeared to join up 24-1-1940 and left the Camerons in 1943 due to being shot. He recuperated in Bermuda at the Prospect Barracks, he then went into the Royal Engineers after this I cannot find any other info, Maybe somewhere out there someone may (long shot) remember him His name was Robert Jarvie Mcilwain and he hailed from Wishaw in Scotland, I would be grateful for any info Thankyou for reading this.
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    Welcome to the forum J.

    Do you have your father's service records?
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    Welcome and enjoy !!! 4th Camerons were captured at St valery en Caux 12th June 1940. In July 1940 the 4th battalion was reconstituted in Inverness. August 1940 thay sailed to Aruba in the Dutch west Indies, tasked with guarding the oil refineries. They also had strong detachment in Bermuda. 4th Camerons returned to Great Britain in February 1942, joining 46 Brigade in the 15th (Scottish ) Division, until moving in November 1942 to garrison the Shetland Islands.
    After the loss of 2nd Camerons in June 1942 at Tobruk, 4th Camerons were redesignated 2nd Camerons in December 1942. They sailed for Egypt in December 1943, where they joined 11th (Indian) Brigade in the 4th Indian Division.
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    My gf was 2 Camerons. I'll try to look up Robert when I'm next at the Camerons' museum at Fort George. I'll post any details.

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    Welcome to the forum J.

    Seems like some good info could be available.

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    No unfortunately not, Im going to try and get them. I'm not too sure how but I'll do my best.
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    As NoK you can apply for his records by following the instructions on this page:

    Service records - Army

    When you apply make sure to request photocopies of the originals. Otherwise you get a typed summary which isn't always very useful
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