Antietam Statistics (and Photo)

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    The battle at Antietam (Sharpsburg, Maryland) was so devastating that there has never been an exact number of casualties. The estimates are 12,400 casualties for the Union (killed, wounded, captured, missing) and 10,320 for the Confederate side.

    All in one day, believe it or not! Antietam was the most bloody one-day battle of the entire Civil War.

    I was there this past Tuesday and took the walk to the Burnside Bridge... in the rain. My, that was a rainy day! Uh... and there were puddles... NOT good for someone who wore sandals and forgot her regular shoes back at Gettysburg.:eek: But no biggie... felt like a kid again splashing around in the mud puddles.

    You can't see the rain on this pic, and you can't see the puddle I'm standing in, but some of that gray sky is poking through the treetops!

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    What great books! Thank you for sharing these links, @Alexander ! While looking through the book of Antietam photos, I saw a few monuments that I've missed no matter how many times I've been there! To someone like me, that's annoying :rolleyes: and I will need to look them all up to see *why* I missed them.

    I realize the book has a 1906 copyright and something may have happened to the monuments I don't recognize, but I will have no rest until I find out for sure. :)
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