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Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by preacherbob50, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Screwed up beyond belief. (I really don't care for the F bomb)
    O'Bama's media does it again. I just posted a thread about the chems that were found way back when in Iraq. Now, I listened to a new broadcast about the same event. They said about the same thing that the earlier broadcast said, but added a new attraction.
    Yes, they did find corroded old chemical rockets buried at a defunct chemical plant. Now, it is reported that a lot of the old rockets are still there! Here's my problem. For some reason, folks must believe that ISIS sympathizers are not listening and watching American news broadcasts. If you were a big wig in the ISIS army, where is the first place you would try to go, other than the Bagdad airport? Let's go find those corroded rockets and figure out who we can kill with them, is my belief.
    Maybe (I say with extreme sarcasm) it is a big trap. We tell ISIS about the defunct chemical weapons and tell them where they are and then we wait for all of their troops to converge on said area and then we will have them surrounded. one in todays Washington could set up a sting like that.
  2. preacherbob50

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    Well, slap my face and call me spanky! I just heard that ISIS does not need to go to the area where the chems are supposed to be. They already have possession of the defunct factory. I wonder if they are going to ask the pentagon for a map where the weapons we left are supposed to be.
    They kept this stuff under wraps for 6 years. Why is it now that this information is coming out? Somebody has got to be smoking Hanoi Janes drawers or something.
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    Dear Spanky, (Sorry, I'm not into slapping people around. Well, unless they REALLY get on my nerves anyhow.) :p So they have the factory under their power, eh? Any ideas on what can be done about this? How to render it worthless? (I have opinions about most political and military issues... have you noticed? har har... but I really don't have a clue whether or not anything can be done about something like this.) Surely not just sit around waiting for them to decide where/how to use it?

    Why is it now? Because *everything* (alright, that may be a tiny stretch.. maybe not) has been spun, twisted, lied about, and hidden for the past 6 years. Tell this administration that the grass is green and they'll find a way to spin it until people start believing that the grass is actually purple and the Republicans are just trying to make people believe it's green.

    Now stop working me up! ;)
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    Who the heck has you believing that the grass is green? The stuff the guvmint wants to look at is a little dryer than that. Grass is illegal on the fed charts, but they still want the taxes that are being produced from it in Colorado and Wash. State.
    Okay, serious now bro. Bob. My wife and I were talking it over and she got the he said, she said version of the whole cover-up. Nothing is ever gossip until it is proven wrong. Conspiracy 101. There were 17 G.I.'s exposed to the chems when they were digging part of the cache up. This much I know is pretty much fact. Now the stinky part. If a GI is exposed to chems he or she can stake a VA claim. Kind of an Agent Orange thing. (Which the gov. is still investigating while my claim has been in for over 5 years now since O'Bama said he was going to make sure that all Vietnam vets of my years of service were ......okay...More O'Bama toro poopoo.)
    I digressed. They can't get paid if the pentagon said there were no such animals as WMD's. Now they say that there was some mustard gas or something but it is harmless now with an added caveat, "if you are wearing protective gear." Then they told the media, who told America and all of our enemies. If Putin didn't have enough chems of his own he would already be digging on the big red X. But, I guess he is leaving that to the guys, gals, and kids with the sexy black bed sheets on.

    My honest opinion? Hillary and O'Bama were running for the presidency against McCain. If no WMD's were reported in Iraq it made it real bad on Bush and the Republican party. The Clinton machine got into bed with someone in the "need to know" business and had the rockets hushed up. What the Clintons didn't realize is that since no WMD's were reported the entire Democratic party looked good and that included O'Bama. 6 years later when no one gives a dern anymore and "pop goes the however you spell the little critter.' Don't it make your brown eyes blue.

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