Another Part of Battlefield to Be Restored!

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Much of Gettysburg is being restored to the way it was in 1863. Last week I saw that what used to be the old Visitor Center parking lot was being worked on... before that it was the Cyclorama coming down. (I even remember that hideous tower coming down 12 or 14 years ago!)

    But anyhow, it was announced today that The Civil War Trust is buying the acreage on which Lee's Headquarters sits. This is exciting news to anyone loving Gettysburg or battlefields in general.

    The motel directly behind the headquarters never seemed to "fit." Nor did the brewery/restaurant next door. When this project is completed, that area will house Lee's Headquarters with the railroad not far behind it, and the Lutheran Seminary across Route 30 from Lee's... exactly the way it should be.

    Wonder what the chances are of getting rid of Route 30/Lincoln Highway... it's WAY too hectic at all times. Nah... didn't think so. :p
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    Gettysburg seems to (rightly) get a lot of attention, I was wondering if any other battlefields get the same?
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    Attention from Civil War Trust? Oh yes, they work on restoration of all battlefields, major and not so major. Example... they want to preserve more than 200 acres at Fredericksburg (Slaughter Pen.) They'll need $12 million. Yeah, a huge amount, but 60% of it has already been raised.

    Preservation is happening at Bentonville, Petersburg, and Appomattox Court House, too. I stopped by Bentonville (Four Oaks, NC) in March and there is *so* much that could be done there. Looking forward to it. Hope they get rid of the wild pigs that are rumored to roam the battlefield and had me looking over my shoulder constantly!

    Earlier this year, the Civil War Trust gave 49 acres they owned to the NPS... part of the Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania National Military Park. The land is part of The Wilderness' Saunders Field and was bought three years ago with the intention of giving it to the NPS.

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