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Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by preacherbob50, Oct 19, 2014.

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    i was writing in response to Kate this morning who had written a response to me from last night. It was about folks who are not from here and with no apparent knowledge of the U.S. and what we really stand for, deciding that they need to soap box about how bad this country is. It was about some people who have some stupid agenda in that they vocally degrade and disgrace the U.S.A. We as Americans can indeed have our say. We have a thing called freedom of speech, and I respect and honor that. Even those who wish us harm have that same freedom when they are here. But, here's the conflict. I, for one, have to have my say when I hear someone bashing my country. And hopefully, I am heard by the same people who do the bashing. Some of our polititians might be might be idiots but the country they live in is absolutely exceptional. Throughout our history we have fought for ourselves and our freedom as well as fought on the soils of other countries for their freedom. I do not care what people think of us when they are at their home in their own country, but I wish they would just stay there, instead of spewing their hatred while enjoying their stay here.

    I got a little bug tonight and I found the Red Skelton Pledge of Allegence on U-tube. He performed it in 1969. I have seen it a dozen or so times since the original date, and it still makes my eyes water a bit. I really believe everyone should see it. It might make a few changes in the way some folks see our country. I am always proud of my country, the pledge just makes me prouder. I would gladly put the link up on the page, but frankly, I only know how to type on these dern things. My wife does the hard stuff, and she's busy right now. Thank ya'll for a turn on the soap box.....May God Bless this great country!!! I really love her.
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    Thank you for writing this. I have trouble sitting on my hands when I hear it, too. I've heard peacemakers (I know they're bless-ed, but it's hard sometimes) say that the bashers are jealous and we should pity them because "the poor things" really covet what we have. But...

    ... But my biggest problem comes from people who are NOT living here. Some or most have never stepped foot on American soil. Sometimes American soldier lives have been lost to assure *their* freedoms and still they verbally attack. I realize that it probably seems more of a problem now because of the Internet giving them such a loud voice, but it's so very annoying.

    To keep this on a military topic, I'll say the worst of all is people attacking the way our military is "all over the world" without a single thought about what would happen if we weren't. Lives on the line all the time and not always for our OWN protection but for other countries' protection.

    I should say that when I make statements like this, I am never EVER talking about places like the UK. My "other countries" statements have nothing to do with the United Kingdom or Canada. They face the same kind of bashing from the "jealousy mongers" if I'm not mistaken.
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    My wife and I were talking about the same subject today. Here we are, dropping arms, ammo, and med supplies in for the Kurds and now Turkey is all up in arms because of that action. Never mind that the actual arms were not provided by us, but dropped by us. If we don't help we're condemed and if we do help we're equally condemed, pretty much by countries we have helped in the past. Maybe it's a "momma likes you best," syndrome. Then, I guess the America the Beautiful bug spreads a bit, because my wife got into it with someone from another country in one of her discussion groups. Basically, the person was doing about the same thing as "what's his moniker." (I am being careful)
    Sorry if I get a little warm about some subjects. It must have something to do with where I was born. I will now calmly go and take my shower and take a pill and then put on my jammies. Wait...I don't have any jammies. Take 2 pills.
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    I agree, I do not like my country or anyone's country being bashed. It's OK to have your opinion, but be respectful. I have some VERY negative opinions about some of our leaders, and the leaders of some other countries, but I have respect for all people. We should not be bashing each other because the views of some are never the views of all. Just because some people have expressed certain views, does not mean the entire country thinks that way. And just because a leader makes a certain decision does not mean everyone in that country agrees with that decision. Even some of the ones who voted for them may not agree.
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    I don't understand people who come to this country to escape tyranny and poverty and piss all over our soil because we don't speak their language or understand their culture. I'm sorry, but you came to us for help and we're supposed to change our lives for you? I don't think so! It's irritating me. And the irony is, I'm a liberal. Yes! I'm a lefty! But time after time I hear immigrants complain about this country, cut my kids in the front of the line to receive the benefits they didn't earn. They simply came to my country and took shit away from kids. I'm sick of it! I'm all for tolerance and empathy, but not when you take advantage and act like you're entitled to the resources that many Americans are doing without.

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