An Australian P.O.W.'s poem about the R.A.F.

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    N. Nisbet of 937 Beanfort St. Perth was an Australian soldier captured in Greece. He too complained about the R.A.F. during his time in Fallingbostel.

    To the R.A.F. in Greece. "Never to forget them."

    It was just a month ago, no more,
    We sailed to Greece to win the war,
    While we groaned beneath our loads,
    The bombers bombed us off the roads.

    They bombed us here, they bombed us there,
    Those ......! bombed us everywhere,
    And while they dropped their load of death,
    We cursed about the R.A.F.

    When we heard the wireless news,
    When portly Winston gave his views,
    The "R.A.F." he said "In Greece,"
    "Were fighting hard to give us peace.

    And so we scratched our heads and thought,
    For if in Greece the Air Force be,
    Then where the bloody hell are we?

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