American Cemeteries in Europe

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    There are Eight World War I Cemeteries in Europe

    Written in 1923 for the editors of Literary Digest, this is an article about the eight U.S. W.W. I cemeteries that were erected in Europe (with the help of German P.O.W. labor) and the money that was set aside by the veterans of The American Legion to decorate the gravestones on Memorial Day

    The American flag is still in Europe, even though the last Doughboy has left the Rhine. It floats over eight cemeteries, six in France, one in Belgium and one in England ... It is the high honor of the American Legion to represent the American people in the fulfillment of the sacred national obligation of decorating the graves of our soldiers abroad on Memorial Day. The Legion pledges itself always to remember and honor our dead on foreign soil on the day when the heart of all Americans is thrilling with reverence for them."

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