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    Name: - Edwin Charles "Ted" Parsons
    Country - United States
    Rank - Lieutenant
    Service - French Air Service
    Units - N124; Spa3
    Victories - 8
    Date Of Birth - September 24, 1892
    Place of Birth - Holyoke, Massachusetts
    Date Of Death - May 2, 1968
    Place of Death - Sarasota, Florida
    Buried - Arlington National Cemetery

    Parsons was already an experienced pilot when the war began. He traveled to France at the end of 1915, and served with the United States Ambulance service before enlisting in the French Foreign Legion. In 1916 he became a pilot in the French Air Service and was assigned to N124 in January of 1917.

    When the war ended Parsons returned to the United States and joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During that time he was also employed as an aviation advisor for several Hollywood movies. As a naval officer during World War II, he was an instructor at Pensacola Naval Air Station and took part in the Solomon Islands campaign, ending the war as a Rear Admiral.

    M├ędaille Militaire
    "American citizen, elite pilot, executed the most unpleasant missions with daring and good temperament. He shot down, on August 26, 1918, his sixth enemy plane." M├ędaille Militaire citation

    Died. Edwin C. Parsons, 75, last surviving ace of World War I's collection of U.S. pilots flying for France, the famed Lafayette Escadrille; in Sarasota, Fla. "These men were of another world. ...... They engaged in the most brilliant and spectacular form of combat in the history of mankind," Parsons wrote in 1917 of the pilots with whom he shared honors and excitement (he bagged eight enemy planes, was credited with seven "probables")

    From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
    January 1969 Number 75

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