Alexander Fullerton's Nicholas Everard WWII saga

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    Have just finished the first book of this series, Storm Force to Narvik and found it a great read. The main hero of the story, Everard, is a destroyer captain (the fictional HMS Intent) and his actions are fictional but told exceptionally well around actual events. Everard's son in on another fictional destroyer, Hoste, which is the sixth destroyer in the first Battle of Narvik (there were five destroyers involved in the actual battle - see ). Intent is badly damaged in an early action with a German cruiser and hides in a fjord for repairs (reminiscences of Penelope) before a daring raid to refuel. Hoste is sunk off Narvik. Meanwhile, Everard's Admiral uncle is trying to get himself appointed as a convoy Commodore despite being in his 60s.

    The book abounds with nautical terms and ship board "talk" and is a joy to read. The dynamics between the three Everard characters is superb with Everard and his son each thinking the other is quite likely dead. The admiral meanwhile, back in London, is hoping for the best but fearing the worst. The author, a WWII submarine veteran, winds this family of sailors and their adventures around actual events seamlessly. The dialogue is a joy to read and descriptions of sea conditions, battle movements and regular, relevant "flashbacks" to past loves, ships, meetings, worries etc are woven together to make a wonderfully enjoyable and authentic adventure.

    I would be interested to hear what some of our naval members on site think if they've come across Alexander Fullerton before. Very much looking forward to reading the second book Last Lift from Crete. Fullerton has also written a WWI Everard series and a lot of other naval fiction as well as an adventure series recounting the experiences of an SOE lady.

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