Alexander Augustus Norman Dudley Pentland MC DFC

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    Sounds like quite a man doesn't he ?? :)

    Alexander was an Australian flying ace in World War I. He served in the RFC from 1916 until the end of the war, attaining the rank of Captain. He shot down 23 enemy aircraft in that time, making him the 5th highest-scoring Australian ace of the war, after Robert Little, Roderic Dallas, Harry Cobby and Elwyn King. He was awarded the Military Cross in January 1918 for "Conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty" on a misson attacking an aerodrome behind enemy lines, and the Distinguished Flying Cross that August for engaging four enemy aircraft single-handedly.

    WW1 RFC pilot with 24 enemy aircraft to his credit, flew the Barnstorming Circuit after the war. Joy riding, flying instruction, airline pilot for A.N.A., gold and opal miner, dairy farmer, instructor in a home for delinquant boys,salesman and general 'non-conformist' ! He used to fly with his pet pig, Pinochio, in the plane. (joined Stephens Aviation). During WW2 he did air rescue work,as a Sqd. Ldr. , in New Guinea. Finally he was sent back to Australia to do radar calibrations for airfields ,taking his pig with him.
    ('Flying Matilda" by Norman Ellison.)

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