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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who served in, and survived, The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Jenkins, Albert Edward (‘Jinks’) played for Wales

    Internationals: 14 : 1920 E+ S- (1t) F+ I+ (1t 2c 1d) ; 1921 S- (2d) F+ (2p); 1922 F+ (1c) ; 1923 E- S- (1c 1p) F+ (2c) I-; 1924 NZ- ; 1928 S+ I- (1t)

    Albert Jenkins was born in 1995 in Llanelli.

    Played as a Centre for: Seaside Stars (Llanelli), Llanelli , 38th (Welsh) Division

    Profession: Docker/tinplater

    War service: Private, 4th Battalion Welsh Regiment; this was a Territorial Force Battalion that did not go overseas, so he must have served in another unit in the 38th (Welsh) Division.

    Remarks: In late 1914 he was selected at Fullback for the 4th Battalion, Welsh Regiment, to play against Llanelli. He played as a Fullback for the 38th (Welsh) Division while in France, but changed to the Centre when playing for Llanelli after the War, though he played as a Centre for the 38th Division v Wales in April 1918. He was renowned for his kicking ability, being able to kick a ball half the length of the field with either foot. Against Ireland in 1920, he set up Wing Bryn Williams for three tries, and scored one himself. In 1921 Wales were behind 0-11 v Scotland, until Jenkins dropped two goals to make the score 8-11. Unfortunately for Wales, the crowd then spilled on to the field, and play was interrupted for ten minutes, during which time the Scots regained their composure, and Jenkins went off injured. Jenkins captained Llanelli in 1921-1922, 1923-1924 and 1924-1925, including v New Zealand in 1924 (3-8).

    In 1926 he played v NZ Maoris (3-0) and against the NSW Waratahs (14-24) the year after,scoring a dropped goal in the latter match. He played for Llanelli until 1932.

    He died on 7 October 1953, in Llanelli.
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    Thanks for the photo. I read somewhere, a long time ago, about a man who said that he would go to his maker happy, as he'd seen Albert Jenkins play for Llanelli.

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    Professor Gareth W. Williams, Aberystwyth.

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