Aircraft Carrier "Varyag"

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Ivan Golovanov, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Aircraft Carrier "Varyag" was built in my native city, Nikolayev, Ukraine. The work was started in the Soviet Union. However, that aircraft carrier was supposed to be the largest aircraft carrier around. After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian government had no interest or money to continue the construction. Eventually, Ukrainians sold it to the Chinese government. The claim from the Chinese side was that they wanted to make a massive "hotel on water" from it. However, nowadays, the pictures have been published of it roaming the waters around China with aircraft on it. So, of course, it won't be used as a "hotel." Anyways, I just thought I might post some pictures of this giant. It's an awesome one - too bad, the Chinese government has it now.
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    Ah, so this is the new Chinese carrier. I find it funny they're touting it so much, yet they didn't even build it. Probably because they couldn't copy the design. You see a lot of copycats in the Chinese military. Just look at their new stealth jet. It looks like a combination of the F-35 and F-22.

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