air raids on Swansea Wales

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    I need to know how far the Luftwaffe air bases were from Swansea after the fall of France. One source gives 100 mls another 200 mls. Anyone know how close? I need to know for my memoirs very urgently. Hope you can help.
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    Did you ever find out if there was that air-raid on Feb 13/14 1943?


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    Though the attached map was produced during the war to show the ranges for Luftwaffe fighters, many of their bomber bases were in the same vicinity.

    As you can see the minimum distance betwwn France and Britain was around the Pas de Calais but the closest base to Swansea would have been around 200 miles, even if they had flown directly.

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    Though this site requires subscription (£3.99 I think) it appears to have a wealth of info on the air-raids on Swansea:

    Swansea History Web Home Page

    And as for the above date, I cannot find a raid but there was one a couple of days later:

    Luftwaffe Air raid Attacks On South Wales & Areas Around Bridgend
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    swansea air raids


    Many thanks for the fast response, you really are a great bunch of guys. I am still a little confused on how to navigate this site - but then this is my first attempt with any forum.
    My own estimate from a globe of the world (too bad the earth isn't flat) is 200 miles but my sister in Swansea found a book that said 100 miles so the book does not appear to be correct.
    The description of the raid, particularly the time, is invaluable because we were hit before warning siren. I woke up and found I was swaddled in the bed clothes and couldn't free myself but I heard the neighbours grumbling as they made their way to the street shelter. I called for my mother but of course she was under the rubble (my father was at work). Her death certificate simply said "dead body found Feb 17" so thanks to you I now know she died Feb 16, along with my unborn sister. My future stepsister was born 2 days earlier.
    Also Spidge, if you read this, no one confirmed there was a raid on Feb 14 1943 and again it was my sister that said there was - the day she was born. Not that she remembers! She was misinformed, and by her own hometown research now agrees there was not a raid.
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    The old saying rings true that "more heads are better than two!:becky:

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