Agnes von Kurowsky (1892-1984)

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    Agnes von Kurowsky was born in Germantown, Penn., on 5 January 1892. In 1917, she received her nursing certificate from Bellevue Hospital Training School for Nurses in New York, N.Y., and received her diploma from the University of the State of New York. She began service with the American Expeditionary Forces Europe on 26 June 1918. During her service in Italy, Agnes was among the nurses attending to Ernest Hemingway following his battle injuries. Their relationship developed, however, Agnes' feelings for Hemingway were never as deep as his attachment to her, and she broke off the relationship in a letter not long after he returned home. Hemingway used Agnes as a primary model for the heroine in his novel of World War I, A Farewell to Arms . On 23 November 1928, Agnes married Howard Preston Garner. They were divorced in 1931. On 7 August 1934, Agnes married William C. Stanfield Jr. The following list documents her nursing career.

    1918-1919 American Red Cross in Italy:
    Milan, 11 July—15 October 1918
    Florence, 15 October—11 November 1918
    Army Hospital Treviso, 20 November 1918—5 January 1919
    Milan, January—June 1919
    1920-1922 Service with the American Red Cross in Roumania, March 1920-Nov. 1922
    1922 Night Supervisor, Bellevue Hospital
    1926 Returned to Red Cross service, sent to Haiti
    1927-1931 Director of Nurses Training, Haitian General Hospital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    c.1931-1934 Assistant Supervisor of Nurses Sanitarium in Otisville, New York
    c.1942-1945 Service with Red Cross Blood Bank in New York, NY
    1956-1965 Lived in Key West, Florida
    1965-1984 Lived in Gulfport, Florida
    1984 Died, 25 September. Buried in Soldiers' Home National Cemetery

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