Agent Orange

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    The mood swings were more likely post-traumatic stress. The effects of agent orange are more physical. things like cancer and body rashes, or liver damage, perhaps kidney problems. Seizures would be an effect on the central nervous system. My friend who had the agent orange problems also had post-traumatic stress problems. One night he was sitting on our porch (we lived in the woods, near a large cypress slough) and told us he was seeing Viet Cong in the woods. Later he was at the V.A. hospital next to U.F. and he and another patient were stopped on their way to the Bell Tower (armed).
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    Mood swings can be caused by a whole host of problems. Yes, Agent Orange may have been a contributing factor, but it is far more likely there were other contributing factors. Any brain damage, even repeated concussions such from playing American Football, or European Football (headers), can cause damage to frontal lobes of the brain and cause emotional instability. As Mr. Pendragon points out AO is more likely to damage the body's filtering systems (liver & kidneys). It also may have damaged lungs and heart.

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