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  1. My name is James Kinard, I am a 27 year old from Virginia Beach. I have have been writing since I was eleven; and when I entered high school I really started studying World War 2. Ever since then I have been learning more and more about the war, the reasons that brought on the war, the technology that came from it, etc. I currently live in Tulsa Oklahoma, continually writing more and more. As you can tell I am a writer. The lost generation is my very first book and it will be a series. The next book will be called Turmoil world, under the TLG name of course. Also keep an close eye out for a friend of mines name Raphael Najae, who is a historical fictional writer like myself, that specializes in post communist European studies.
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    Welcome to the forum, James. Nice to have a well informed member - I look forward to your contributions.
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    Welcome JK. Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Welcome James,

    Look forward to your contributions.

    I quite enjoyed the alternate history novel "Fatherland" by Robert Harris however the movie was very poor.

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    Watcha James. remember John Wayne did not win the War: John Mills did ;)
  6. Thanks guys. Well I wouldn't say that I am that well informed. I'm pretty sure there are dozens of others on this sight that knows more about WW2 then me.
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    Sir, How is that possible? NO ONE can ever say they know it all, there is always someone better informed...the smartest man I have ever known was a sheep herder from Utah I knew in the Army National Guard...he would go to the library in May, check out dozens of books and read and watch his sheep, and bring the books back in September...he told me once he could reduce numbers to the < 10th power in his head...I believed him when he actually showed me he could...welcome Sir....

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