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    For those that have an interest in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) in the Great War, then I invite you to check out the resources of the CEF MATRIX PROJECT. The Matrix is an attempt to consolidate the masses of information about the formation and administration of the Canadian forces, primarily for those tracing the trail of their parents, grandparents and now even great-grandparents.

    Both of my grandfathers enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force as Privates but later attended the Officer's School at Oxford, prior to accepting commissions with the British Army. Their names and links to their web sites are in my signature. In my journey to learn about my grandfathers, I had to first figure out how and why these two Canadian men would join in Canada and then serve in the British Army. To learn that, I had to understand how both the British and Canadian armies were structured and integrated. The British system was fairly well defined, the Canadian system was not - or at least was not readily available and understandable to today's web based family researchers.

    Over the years I have collected a great deal of information on the CEF and the interaction with the BEF and as always it is there to share with whoever needs to know.

    If you have not visited the MATRIX UTILITY FUNCTIONS you may want to stop by to have a look. I do not expect this Forum to be a place where there is a concentration on the CEF (that already exists) but it certainly would be a good place for developing a greater understanding of the interactions between all of the armies. Perhaps we will see some threads here like "About Australians in the Great War" and "About South Africans in the Great War".

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