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    In Memory of

    7/296, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F.
    who died age 21
    on 08 May 1915
    Son of William and Isabella Abbott, of Southbridge, Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Remembered with honour

    Lance Corporal ABBOTT Son of William and Isabella Abbott, of Southbridge, Christchurch Died of disease
    Arrived Suez, Egypt on 3 December 1914
    Brother of Trooper George Duncan Abbott (7/810, Canterbury Mounted Rifles), who was killed in action on 28 August 1915, in Gallipoli.
    Brother of Trooper Charles Gordon Abbott (13/2012, Auckland Mounted Rifles)
    A sister, Fanny Abbott (22/96, NZ Army Nursing Service) served on the Hospital Ship Maheno.

    In Memory of

    7/810, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F.
    who died age 28
    on 28 August 1915
    Son of Isabella Abbott, of 28, Medway St., Shirley, Canterbury, and the late William Abbott. Born at Southbridge, Canterbury.
    Remembered with honour

    Trooper Abbott was a son of Isabella Abbott, of 28 Medway Street, Shirley, Canterbury, and the late William Abbott.

    He was killed in action in the second assault on Hill 60 - reported missing 28 August 1915
    His younger brother, Lance Corporal Ameral Christopher Abbott (7/296 Canterbury Mounted Rifles), died of disease on 8 May 1915, in Egypt.
    Another brother,Trooper Charles Gordon Abbott (13/2012, Auckland Mounted Rifles)also served in WWI
    A sister, Fanny Abbott (22/96, NZ Army Nursing Service) served on the Hospital Ship Maheno.

    I wonder how long Fanny Abbott served on the "Maheno" ?

    Evening Post, 6 July 1915, Page 8

    NEW ZEALAND NURSES LEAVING BY HOSPITAL SHIP NAMES OF THOSE SELECTED. Sixty-nine New Zealand nurses for service in the military hospitals in England are leaving on Saturday in the Hospital Ship. This completes the quota of 100 which this Dominion was asked to raise, and of which number 31 left on 21st May for service in Egypt and the Dardanelles.

    Helene K. Isdell, Kumara, matron, Kumara Hospital
    Mary Looney, Southland, matron, Gore Hospital
    Marion Brown, Riverton, private hospital staff
    Lorna Rattray, Christchurch, Christchurch Hospital staff
    Maud Haste, Christchurch, Christchurch Hospital staff
    Nora Hildyard, Christchurch, Christchurch Hospital staff
    Victoria M'Cosh - Smith, Naseby, Timaru Hospital staff
    Isabel Clark, Oamaru, private nursing
    Catherine Fox, Dunedin, private nursing
    Kathleen Noonan, Timaru, private nursing
    Fanny Abbott, Christchurch, private nursing
    Edith Popplewell, Ballarat, private nursing
    Elizabeth Wilson, Timaru, trainee, St. Helens
    HOSPITAL SHIP STAFF. In addition, the following have been selected for the staff of the hospital ship :
    Violet M'Cosh Smith (Timaru).

    LOST TRANSPORT [AWN 04.11.1915]
    The staff of No.1 NZ stationary hospital, under Surgeon Colonel McGAVIN, was aboard the British transport Marquette, which was torpedoed and sunk in the Aegean Sea on October 23 1915 [Spelling differs according to articles.]

    Nurses Saved: The names of the hospitals at which the nurses saved were they trained are given in the following list:

    CAMERON, Marie O, acting matron, ANS, Christchurch (seriously ill, she was paralysed during the launching of the lifeboats)
    CAMERON, Sister M O, was the matron in charge of the contingent of 31 nurses who left Wellington in May. She was trained in the Ovens District Hospital, Australia, and the Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. She was on the staff of the Waikato Sanatorium from 1909 to 1910, when she was appointed matron of St Helens Hospital, Christchurch, a position which she held until her departure for Egypt. [AWN 11.11.1915]

    ABBOTT, Fanny, Christchurch
    ANSTEY, Winifred E., Christchurch
    BESWICK, Mary B, Christchurch
    BLACKIE, Catherine, Tauranga
    CHRISTMASS, Mary J, Christchurch
    COSTER, Ina Nellie, Dunedin
    ERWIN, Jean N., Christchurch
    GOULD, Mary E, Christchurch
    GRIGOR, Mary, Christchurch
    GREGOR, Nurse was a native district nurse under the Public Health Dept, with headquarters at Hamilton, and Nurse BLACKIE was also a native district nurses with headquarters latterly at Tauranga. Nurse METHERELL was on the staff of Erinholme Private Hospital, Auckland. [AWN 11.11.1915]
    HASTE, Maude W, Christchurch
    HODGES, Emily, Christchurch
    HOOKER, Hilda V, Napier
    LOONEY Mary Frances, South Hillend [WALKER, Mary, Invercargill]
    McCOSH-SMITH, Violet, Naseby
    McKAY, Annie Johanna, Pahia
    [McLEOD, Edith]
    McLEOD, Lucy, Christchurch
    METHERELL, Gladys M, Christchurch
    NICOLL, Susan L., Christchurch
    POPPLEWELL, Edith, Ballarat 22/158
    ROONEY, Mary F, Southland
    SINCLAIR, Jeannie, New Plymouth
    Elizabeth WILSON, Timaru (slightly sick)
    WILKIN, Edith L., Dunedin
    WRIGHT, Mabel, Dunedin (slightly sick)
    YOUNG, Elizabeth B., New Plymouth
    Spelling differs depending on newspaper and article.
    The name of Sister Edith McLeod appears as a survivor as reference by the books 'Cloud Over Marquette' and 'While You're Away -New Zealand Nurses at War 1899-1948'. Edith was from Masterton.

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