A veteran of the Battle of Jutland

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    Vice Admiral Vincent Barkley Molteno - Royal Navy

    Vice Admiral Vincent Barkley Moltenowas born in Cape-Town, and was the son of the first Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, Sir John Molteno. He joined the Royal Navy, and in 1893 took part in the landings at Vitu, Zanzibar, serving as a Lieutenant with the Naval Brigade under Commander Linley. He was mentioned in despatches and awarded the General African Medal, Gambia, 1894, with Clasp. Molteno was appointed flag captain of the Third Cruiser Squadron, in December 1913. During the first year of World War l, Molteno served as Flag Captain of H.M.S. Antrim before commanding the Battleship, H.M.S. Redoubtable which carried out the bombardment of the Belgian coast. Molteno was appointed Captain of the Cruiser, H.M.S. Warrior and commanded the Warrior during the Battle of Jutland in May, 1916, where .....

    "The Warrior went through terrible experiences. At one time the concentrated fire of the German Dreadnoughts fell upon her; the Defence and Black Prince were blown up beside her. Captain Molteno's ship suffered about 100 casualties. The wounded and the rest of the crew were all saved when she was in a sinking condition after being in tow for several hours. The gallant captain was cheered by the ship's company when they were all safely landed."

    The Warrior was so badly damaged that she was taken in tow by H.M.S. Engadine but foundered and sank on the 1 June 1916. Molteno was promoted Rear-Admiral in 1921, and Vice-Admiral in 1926 while on the retired list, having served as Aide-de-Camp to King George V in 1920.

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