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    Jesus in? I guess I didn't read that part. Kate, I am sure that Tom meant Jesus Ramirez, the old ball player out of Cuba. I am equally sure that he would never, ever use Jesus the Christ to further his "Hate," speech and program that was set forth by ignorant people trying to teach smarter people about something that did not happen.

    If we remember back to the good old days when O'Bama was first running for president it was he that said that older senior citizens did not need surgery any longer and that giving them a pill was more effective. (since we were all going to die out soon anyway) The opposition called it the advent of death panels because it was a panel in O'Bama's suggestion box that would decide who got surgery and who didn't.

    Oh yes Kate, we cannot down some people for their lack of knowledge regarding O'Bama care, because they just might not have to have it. Ya know, medicare, medicaid? When a certain person does not have to use a bad thing it is easy to recommend it to others. These folks just need to get rid of the bad case of opticalrectumitis that's going around so said person can join in on the actual topics in the forum like all of the other kids in the sandbox do. Opticalrectumitis? Nerves in the eyes get tangled with those in the rectum and the patient gets a crappy outlook on life. O'Bama care won't pay for the cure but I hear it is rempant especially in Florida.

    Let's see, Military history forum.....In 1814 took a little trip, along...... no, there is another holiday somewhere.......Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
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    Oh my goodness gracious, and great balls of the hottest fire known to man and/or woman. Is my face red beet red... I thought he meant the *other* Jesus... but you're right, using the Christ of love and compassion to make a point about political issues surely isn't something that would be done here.

    But poor Mr. Ramirez! If he lives in America now, he really *may* be without insurance, or one that's eating up all his income now until the system can be fixed. I hope he doesn't have any little children or grandchildren. Dear me! :(

    Do you know when I stopped following news about what the White House will do next to mess up the nation? When the monuments were locked to veterans in DC due to the shutdown. They say everyone has their "line" and that was mine. [/quote]

    Yeah, I know... but when I researched, it wasn't very hard to see past the rhetoric and discover the real story of what it means... and then the stories from friends and neighbors started. Aw drat, now I'm thinking of poor Mr. Rameriz in the ER again and hearing someone say to let patients without insurance die. My best friend is an M.D. and I used to work at a hospital myself... my sister and a number of nieces work in the healthcare system... and that's just not done. False information and fiblets are taking over the world!

    ... with COL Jackson down the mighty Mississipp. By the way, COL Jackson's (Andrew... Old Hickory) men may have had bacon and beans for the War of 1812, but the Civil War Jackson (Stonewall)'s men wouldn't have been so lucky most of the time.

    Party at my house... bacon, beans, Kent's spam and marmalade, and the pumpkin pie I have in the oven right now. Ya'll can help dig me out of the Nor'easter that's on the way tonight & tomorrow!
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    Let's see. Korean forum block and the west is having Thanksgiving with Turkey and stuff. Let's have it Korean Style!!
    Gotta have some Kimchi. Come to find out, the Korean women would make it and put it in clay pots and bury it (that part I knew) so it would last the entire Winter.
    What else would be on the table?
    and maybe even, Jjigae. And we all thought that Turkey, dressing, cranberries and all of the other stuff was special.
    What is all of the Korean stuff? I had a hard enough time spelling what I can't even pronounce and now ya'll might want me to explain it too?

    Poor Kate is stuck with Pumpkin pie and Kent Spam!! At least I can pronounce that!
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    That's why I couldn't buy house with a Home Owner's Association. If I paid for my house, it's about to have whatever I want in my yard, and if you don't like it, don't look at it. I used to work for the Department of Human Services, and if you seen how much these people have to pay for Home Owner Association fees, you would be appalled. I wish I would pay fees into something that was only going to try to run my place. It's beyond crazy.

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