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    I really do not know if this is the right block to put this post in but I thought it might get a little more notice than somewhere else.

    With Veterans Day (Nov. 11) in mind, an Indiana couple has been ordered to take their flag pole down by some homeowners assn.
    Mr. Willits is an 82 year old Korean War Veteran with parkinsons disease. His wife is his chief supporter in the whole mess. It seems that he put up a flag pole which flies Old Glory and a MIA/POW flag,in the center of a garden spot on his front lawn. The homeowners assn. intends to sue if he doesn't take it down. They say that it is not the flags so much as the pole. It seems that the care takers of the lawn have a hard time mowing around it.

    In my somewhat biased way of looking at things, if the caretakers can tell the Willits how their turning the steering wheel on the lawn mower is so much harder than what Mr. Willits went through in Korea and the loss of his brother in same, then maybe he should take it down. Otherwise, I say send the lawyers to Syria and let them sue ISIS, the homeowners assn. to Liberia to make rules about how an African hut should be kept, and the lawn keepers to lawn mower school to learn how to use the steering wheel on a lawnmower.

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