A list of British Generals Killed in Action or Died of Wounds

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    I found this list of British Generals - killed in action or died of wounds on the Western Front ... another 20 officers of general rank died in other theatres - meaning a total of 78 ( ? ) British generals lost during the war .... do you know any more ?

    (In WW2 only 21 British generals paid the ultimate sacrifice )

    Name Command Unit Casualty DoD

    Findlay, Neil Douglas BGRA 1st Division kia 10/09/14
    Hamilton, Hubert Ion Wetherall GOC Infantry Division 3rd Division kia 14/10/14
    Fitzclarence, Charles GOC Infantry Brigade 1st (Guards) Brigade kia 12/11/14
    Gough, John Edmund MGGS First Army dow 22/02/15
    Lomax, Samuel Holt GOC Infantry Division 1st Division dow 10/04/15
    Riddell, James Foster GOC Infantry Brigade 149th Brigade kia 26/04/15
    Hasler, Julian GOC Infantry Brigade 11th Brigade kia 27/04/15
    Cole, Arthur Willoughby George Lowry GOC Infantry Brigade 25th Brigade kia 09/05/15
    Nugent, George Colborne GOC Infantry Brigade 141st Brigade kia 31/05/15
    Nickalls, Norman Tom GOC Infantry Brigade 63rd Brigade kia 26/09/15
    Thesiger, George Handcock GOC Infantry Division 9th Division kia 26/09/15
    Capper, Thompson GOC Division 7th Division dow 27/09/15
    Wing, Frederick Drummond Vincent GOC Infantry Division 12th Division kia 02/10/15
    Wormald, Frank GOC Cavalry Brigade 5th Cavalry Brigade kia 03/10/15
    Trefusis, Hon. John Frederick Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes- GOC Infantry Brigade 20th Brigade kia 24/10/15
    Fitton, Hugh Gregory GOC Infantry Brigade 101st Brigade dow 20/01/16
    Gordon, Alister Fraser GOC Infantry Brigade 153rd Brigade dow 20/01/16
    Heyworth, Frederick James GOC Infantry Brigade 3rd (Guards) Brigade kia 09/05/16
    Mercer, Malcolm Smith GOC Infantry Division 3rd Canadian Division kia 02/06/16
    Ingouville-Williams, Edward Charles GOC Infantry Division 34th Division kia 01/07/16
    Prowse, Charles Bertie GOC Infantry Brigade 11th Brigade kia 01/07/16
    Holmes, William GOC Infantry Division 4th Australian Division dow 02/07/16
    Philpotts, Louis Murray BGRA 24th Division kia 08/09/16
    Clifford, Henry Frederick Hugh GOC Infantry Brigade 149th Brigade kia 11/09/16
    Stewart, Charles Edward GOC Infantry Brigade 154th Brigade kia 14/09/16
    Howell, Philip BGGS II Corps kia 10/10/16
    Glasfurd, Duncan John GOC Infantry Brigade 12th Australian Brigade dow 12/11/16
    Bull, George GOC Infantry Brigade 8th Brigade dow 11/12/16
    Long, Walter GOC Infantry Brigade 56th Brigade kia 29/01/17
    Bulkeley-Johnson, Charles Bulkeley GOC Cavalry Brigade 8th Cavalry Brigade kia 11/04/17
    Gosling, Charles GOC Infantry Brigade 10th Brigade kia 12/04/17
    Matthews, Godfrey Estcourt GOC Infantry Brigade 198th Brigade dow 13/04/17
    Ormsby, Vincent Alexander GOC Infantry Brigade 127th Brigade kia 02/05/17
    Brown, Charles Henry Jeffries GOC Infantry Brigade 1st New Zealand Brigade kia 08/06/17
    Broadwood, Robert George GOC Infantry Division 57th Division dow 21/06/17
    Gordon, Charles William Eric GOC Infantry Brigade 123rd Brigade kia 23/07/17
    Johnston, Francis Earl GOC Infantry Brigade 3rd New Zealand Brigade kia 07/08/17
    Maclachlan, Ronald Campbell GOC Infantry Brigade 112th Brigade kia 11/08/17
    Peake, Malcolm BGRA I Corps kia 27/08/17
    Maxwell, Francis Aylmer GOC Infantry Brigade 27th Brigade kia 21/09/17
    Rawling, Cecil Godfrey GOC Infantry Brigade 62nd Brigade kia 28/10/17
    Bradford, Roland Boys GOC Infantry Brigade 186th Brigade kia 30/11/17
    Cape, George Augustus Stewart BGRA 39th Division kia 18/03/18
    Barnett-Barker, Randle GOC Infantry Brigade 99th Brigade kia 24/03/18
    Feetham, Edward GOC Infantry Division 39th Division kia 29/03/18
    Fulton, Harry Townshend GOC Infantry Brigade 3rd New Zealand Brigade dow 29/03/18
    Forster, George Norman Bowes GOC Infantry Brigade 42nd Brigade kia 04/04/18
    Gore, Robert Clements GOC Infantry Brigade 101st Brigade kia 14/04/18
    Martin, Cuthbert Thomas GOC Infantry Brigade 151st Brigade kia 27/05/18
    Husey, Ralph Hamer GOC Infantry Brigade 25th Brigade dow 30/05/18
    Lumsden, Frederick William GOC Infantry Brigade 14th Brigade kia 04/06/18
    Lumsden, Alfred Forbes GOC Infantry Brigade 46th Brigade kia 24/06/18
    East, Lionel William Pellew CHA XIII Corps kia 06/09/18
    Sanders, Arthur Richard Careless GOC Infantry Brigade 50th Brigade kia 20/09/18
    Follett, Gilbert Burrell Spencer GOC Infantry Brigade 3rd (Guards) Brigade kia 27/09/18
    Kay, Sir William Algernon Ireland Bt. GOC Infantry Brigade 3rd Brigade kia 04/10/18
    Taylor, Stuart Campbell GOC Infantry Brigade 93rd Brigade dow 11/10/18
    Lipsett, Louis James GOC Infantry Division 4th Division kia 14
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    Hello Annie,

    According to ODGW there are 97 of general rank (including temporary commissions) who died.

    Phil :)
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    Hi Phil !

    This list only includes those who died of wounds or were killed in action .... I have no idea how many died of disease or other causes !!

    I just thought it was an interesting list as I was looking for just one General when I found it !! ( of course it put me a little off track .... again !! )

    Annie :rolleyes:
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    The definitive book on the subject is Frank Davies and Graham Maddocks' Bloody Red Tabs; ISBN 0 85052 463 6. The authors list 78 British and Empire officers ranking from Brigadier-General upwards who were killed or died as a result of active service, and a further 146 who were wounded.


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