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Discussion in 'Revolutionary War' started by Pamela Jo, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Pamela Jo

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    The Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia has created the following website:


    I frequently visit the site and really find it to be interesting!

  2. Pamela Jo

    Pamela Jo Guest

    I guess I'm posting a reply to my own post :D, but I just remembered another wonderful site:


    It's all about "18th century culinary efforts" with some other interesting info on the side! Enjoy!

  3. tonyt

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    Both most interesting web sites especially the culinary site it had information you seldom consider but need to understand to understand the period . When reading a book and come upon a quote on food , drink , or manners that does not relate to our times such sites help.
    Appears you have made quite a study of the time .
    Keep posting to yourself we will catch up to you .

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