A "great and urgent Imperial service"

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    I found this fascinating review of Keyes’ Amphibious warfare and combined operations while looking for detailed information on the process within the Supreme Command (using Hankey’s description) which had lead to those great and urgent Imperial service campaigns at the beginning of WW1.


    http://www.naval-review.org/pasp/..\issues\1943-3.pdf at pdf pages 78-79-80

    These were the campaigns undertaken at the request of the Secretary of State for the Colonies (Lewis Harcourt) for Australia, South Africa and New Zealand to seize those long range wireless stations used to communicate with the German Navy and with the German colonial empire. The telegrams included specific admonitions that “any territory now occupied must at the conclusion of the war be at the disposal of the Imperial Government”


    This link has an equally fascinating description of how Japan (as an ally of the United Kingdom) had preempted the seizure of some of the Australian objectives Yap, Angaur and Kiao Chau (Keyes’ spelling but also Kiao Chou, Kiaochow, Kiauchau or Kiao-Chau (English) and Kiautschou in German)

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    Sorry about the size of the images.

    Here is another attempt.

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