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    If you are interested in the Great War, you may be in search of a good book that gives a brief explanation of causes and effects of the war in more general terms than one might find in the countless tomes that fill libraries and private collections. I began my research of the war by reading "A Short History Of World War One" by James L. Stokesbury who, at the time the book was written, was a history professor and department chair at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is relatively short (336 pages), reads like a novel, and gives enough information to entice one to dig deeper. It is published by Quill. My copy is very worn, because I continually refer back to it when trying to put events in order. I would highly recommend this book to the newcomer or anyone interested in the war. (By the way, Stokesbury has written similar books on World War II, the American Revolution, and the Korean War).
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    Another, more scholarly, but very readable book on the Origins is "Europe's Last Summer - Who started the Great War in 1914?" by David Fromkin, Publisher Alfred Knopf. New York, 2004 ISBN 0-375-41156-9.

    I used this, and others authorities, for the details of the events of 28 June 1914 giving details of Princip's assassination of Franz Ferdinand that I have just posted in response to Kitty's request for information.

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