A Caribbean Roll of Honour - WW1 & WW2

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    13-14 March 1941

    214 Squadron

    Wellington IC N2746 BU-

    Op. Hamburg

    Took off 2000 hrs Stradishall. Shot down by a night-fighter and crashed in the vicinity of Groningen, Holland.

    BCL Vol.2 W R. Chorley.
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    5-6 March 1943

    214 Squadron

    Stirling III BK662 BU-K

    Op. Essen

    Took off 1935 hrs Chedburgh. Hit by flak and crashed into the sea west of Ijmuiden, Holland

    BCL Vol.4 W R. Chorley
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    21-22 June 1944

    83 Squadron

    Lancaster III JB180 OL-T

    Op. Wesseling

    Took off 2321 hrs Coningsby. Picked up by a night-fighter which came upon the Lancaster over the target area.
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    1-2 March 1941

    77 squadron

    Whitley V Z6463 KN-

    Op. Cologne

    Took off Topcliffe. Ordered to divert to Benson in Oxfordshire, but reported crashed after hitting telegraph poles in Dunstable Road, Catterick, Yorkshire, while trying to land at the nearby airfield. Details of this incident are omitted from the Squadron record.

    BCL Vol.2 W R. Chorley
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    20-21 April 1944

    207 Squadron

    Lancaster III ND564 EM-H

    Op. la Chapelle

    Took off 2212 hrs Spilsby to bomb railway yards.

    BCL Vol.5 W R. Chorley
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    2-3 August 1943

    9 Squadron

    Lancaster III ED493 WS-A

    Op. Hamburg

    Took off 2326 hrs Bardney. Believed shot down by a night-fighter (Ofw Karl-Heinz Scherfling, IV./NJG1) and crashed 0333 hrs into the sea NW of Bergen aan Zee on the Dutch coast.

    BCL Vol.4 W R. Chorley
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    18 August 1945

    356 Squadron

    Liberator VI KH218

    The aircraft was engaged on a special duties sortie at night. The crew broadcast a 'Mayday' message stating that they were ditching and gave their position. A subsequent search found no trace of the aircraft or its crew.

    The Price of Peace. Cummings
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    9 August 1943

    1602 Flight

    Hawker Henley Target Tug III L3292 of 1602 Flight from RAF Cleave dived into the sea off Penhale Point.
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    Great stuff Peter. I have passed on the info to Caribbean Aircrew and will incorporate same in my site as well.

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