70th Anniversary of The Warsaw Uprising

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Peter T Davis, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Peter T Davis

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    70 years ago the people of Poland rose up against the German forces who had occupied their nation in 1939. During the course of the uprising, the Germans slaughtered 200,000 civilians and burned the city to the ground.
  2. Kate

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    Such an ugly and dark part of world history. :( It's strange maybe, but nearly every time I see a date concerning this type of thing, it stuns me that it was as "close" as a mere 70 years. It always feels as if events like this would have happened much further in the past.

    Our parents/grandparents were living then... or maybe I'm just so much into history that I "feel" things more deeply? :oops: But whatever the reason, realizing that things like this (the slaughtering spree) aren't so very long ago is sobering every time I think of it.
  3. Diptangshu

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    I think it'll be authentic if gonna recall a couple of evidences right here.
    If we see the Pabst Plan, astonishingly we found that the two parts of it clearly captioned : The destruction of the Polish City and the construction of the German city / Der Abbau der Polenstadt ünd der Deutschen Stadt and The new German city Warsaw / Die neue deutsche Stadt Warchau. Hitler and Himmler both wanted the complete destruction of the City and must be served as a transport station of the Wehrmacht. During the process, the most antique and valuable objects that been robbed by the Nazis, never returned till date what I believe .
    Obergruppenführer Bach Zelewski (later on he removed 'Zelewski' from his name) Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, was the persom who helped by first hand to implement the plan by planned mass murder of the civilians. This Gentleman escaped the Nuremberg Trials, who had been directly responsible for directing anti partisan warfare and suppression of the City Uprising (I must include for the formar Silesian Uprising, to add to his glorious War effort) and shooting uncounted POWs, that even dragged in favor of Himmler! Please recall the Wola Massacre too, conducted by him.
    When he was in the Band Fighting Unit / Bandenkämpfverbände, his Efforts had been like genoside more and less war. No less than 200,000 eastern Polish and Belarus civilians added to some 40,000 civilians of Riga had been killed by His units. BUT, this Nazi gentleman nicely escaped the Trials, which oftenly bothers me.. its oftenly returns like a nightmare .
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    Youtube video I have made on the German/Soviet invasion of Poland 1939

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