68th Squadron, Australian Flying Corps

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    I found this on Flickr .... wondered if anybody was looking for the 68th Squadron, Australian Flying Corps !!!

    Place made: France: Picardie, Somme, Baizieux
    Date made: 7 December 1917

    Group portrait of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Watt and officers of the 68th Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, at Baizieux, after the fighting at Cambrai. Left to right, back row: Lieutenant (Lt) L. F. Loder; Lt T. Grant; Captain (Capt) L. H. Holden MC; Capt R. W. Howard MC; Lt L. Benjamin; Capt W. A. Robertson; Lt A. Pratt. Front row: Lt C. C. Sands; Lt H. Taylor MC MM; Lt L. S. Truscott; Lt F. A. Power (partially obscured); Lt P. H. Lawson; Lt D. C. Allardice; Capt H. G. Forrest DFC; Lt Col W. O. Watt OBE; Lt L. R. Clark; Capt G. C. Wilson MC DCM. Kneeling: Lt W. A. Turner; Capt F. G. Huxley MC.


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    There's something odd about this photograph. The Australian War Memorial’s caption says that it was taken on 7 December 1917, but that seems strange, as Lt A J Pratt (extreme right, rear row, and a distant relation to my wife) was wounded when he was shot down by ground fire near Bourlon Wood when flying DH 5 A9265 on 22 November, and evacuated to the UK immediately afterwards. So the photograph must have been taken before 22 November.

    The aeroplane in the hangar is an SE 5 or SE 5a, so it's likely that it's SE 5 A4856, which No 68 (Australian) Squadron RFC had for experience between 27 October and 8 December. No 2 Sqn AFC (as it had become) was fully re-equipped with the SE 5a in January 1918.

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    Gareth ! ... did you ever find out anything about this photo ?? :confused:
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    No. I'll check with a friend who has contacts at the AWM and see how we go.

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    Re: S.E.5 A4856 (follow up)

    My uncle flew that very plane and unfortunately, whilst flying it
    "crashed landed badly during practice"
    on 22 Dec 1917 at an unknown airfield.

    He was F/O 2nd Lt. John William Jackson serving with The 24th Sqdn R.F.C. at the time but whether he crashed in France or the UK is not shown on the Crash Report papers I have. JWJ fortunately survived & was "OK" and the plane was sent for repair so it went on to fly again. Out of interest - I wonder does anyone know what S.E.5 A4856's ultimate fate was?

    As we already know, the 68th Squadron AFC used it as a training plane in late 1917 before handing it over to the 24th RFC circa 8 Dec 1917 and its crashing on 22.12.1915.
    The plane's connection between both the AFC & RFC might prove helpful in furthering my Research on JWJ's later service in 1918 of which I have only scant details. If anyone else can provide any more info on anything mentioned here I'd be very grateful.

    N.B. F/O J.W.Jackson was hospitalised in January 1918 suffering from "Neurasthenia" - (a WW1 nerve complaint much like the of PTSS of today) but did survive the war & was still in the RFC, but whether he was ever able to go back on Flying Duty again after his bad crash landing - I've no idea.

    Thank you for reading



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