63rd (Royal Naval) Division 1914-1919

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    The Naval Division was formed in August 1914. The Admiralty realized that with the mobilization they would have between 20-80,000 men of the Reserve, for whom there would not be room an any ship of war. This surplus would be sufficient to form two naval Brigades and a Brigade of Marines available for Home Defence or for any special purpose. From this they formed the "Naval" Division.

    The Royal Marine Bde (became the 3rd Bde, RMA, Chatham, Portsmouth, Plymouth Bns) landed at Ostend 27/08/14. The other two Bdes were forming at Walmer and Betteshanger at that time. The RM Bde returned from Ostend 31/08/14 and re-embarked for Dunkirk 19/09/14 (2,200 men), they reached Cassel 30/09/14 and detrained at Antwerp 03/10/14. Antwerps outer fort were taken by this time and the Bde were put in the trenches immediately. The two other Bdes (1st & 2nd RN Bdes) embarked from Dover 04/10/14, landed at Dunkirk, detrained at Antwerp 06/09/14 and joined the RM Bde in the trenches. The Div withdrew to St Gilles Waes 09/10/14, and began entraining for Ostend, except for about 1,500 men of the 1st RN Bde, who failed to cross the Scheld River in time and crossed into Holland and were interned for the rest of the war (A few did manage to "escape" back to Britain).


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