614 Sqn and its Bisleys

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  1. Antipodean Andy New Member

    Just finishing off Graham Pitchfork's Shot Down and in the Drink and noted that 614 Sqn assisted ASR efforts during the invasion of mainland Italy with its Lindholme gear-equipped Bisleys. Thought this was rather late in the war to still be using the Blenheim/Blenheim derivative in combat but noted the squadron disbanded in January '44 still equipped with the aircraft.

    Could this be one of the latest combat (in lieu of the term operational as that could be construed as being used in training or as hacks) assignments for the Blenheim family?

    Will have to check the SAAF squadrons and Burma.
  2. Kyt Άρης

    Just looking at Warner's Blenheim: A Complete History, at the various theatres, it looks like its frontline operational activities petered out by the beginning of 1944. That includes Burma and SAAF. Though some squadrons who transferred to Beaus retained the odd Blenheim as a runaround etc
  3. spidge Active Member

    On my RAAF list of deaths, there were 9 in 614sq. 3 buried in Bari Cemetery and one at Udine Cemetery in Italy, 2 at Klagenfirt Cemetery in Austria and 3 on the Malta memorial which is probably resultant from operations in Italy.

    DORRINGTON, RONALD KINGSTON Flying Officer 419765 614sq 16/03/1945 IX. E. 10. BARI WAR CEMETERY
    HIBBINS, LEONARD HENRY Flight Sergeant 414681 614sq 20/04/1944 VI. B. 22. BARI WAR CEMETERY
    SLOANE, BRIAN THOMAS Flight Sergeant 423387 614sq RAAF 23/07/1944 XV. D. 20. BARI WAR CEMETERY
    VOKES, WALTER RICHARD Flight Sergeant 417537 614sq 6/07/1944 Coll. grave 8. A. 9-10. KLAGENFURT WAR CEMETERY
    PRYOR, ARTHUR WILLIAM Warrant Officer 415679 614sq 6/07/1944 Coll. grave 8. A. 9-10. KLAGENFURT WAR CEMETERY
    NEUBECK, WILLIAM FRANCIS Flight Lieutenant 421820 614sq RAF 21/02/1945 I. C. 9. UDINE WAR CEMETERY
    DICKSON, VIVIAN Warrant Officer 405905 614sq 16/03/1944 Panel 16, Column 1. MALTA MEMORIAL
    LAWSON, LYLE ANZAC Pilot Officer 414243 614sq RAF 16/03/1944 Panel 16, Column 1. MALTA MEMORIAL
    LIGHTBODY, ROBERT THOMAS Flight Sergeant 415668 614sq 16/03/1944 Panel 16. Column 2. MALTA MEMORIAL
  4. Kyt Άρης

    Dorrington was killed in Mosquito LR470, dived into ground nr Bresceglia Italy - cause not known
  5. Kyt Άρης

    According to the casualty files Dickson and Lawson were in Halifax BB446, and Lightbody was lost in Halifax JW890. Possibly lost on missions to Bulgaria
  6. Kyt Άρης

    NEUBECK lost in Liberator KH231, shotdown by flak over Pola, Italy. Full crew believed to be

    F/Lt W.F. Neubeck - RAAF;
    F/Lt H.K. Mepham;
    F/O D.S.J. Gladstone;
    P/O W.J. Gibbs;
    F/Sgt H.G. Lawley;
    F/Sgt A.E. Tyreman,
    F/Sgt F. Kendall
    Sgt C. Wilkins.
  7. spidge Active Member

    Thank you for the details Kyt. Much appreciated.
  8. Antipodean Andy New Member

    614 became PFF from memory. Tom Scotland's book Voice from the Stars is a good read of their ops. I didn't make the connection until I saw the Lib casualties following the Halibag ones.
  9. Kyt Άρης

    Not technocally PFF proper because it wasn't part of Bomber Command after the end of 1942. It moved to North Africa and then Italy, so was Middle East and then Med Air Forces.
  10. Antipodean Andy New Member

    Yeah, I thought that but couldn't be bothered typing out Pathfinder...like you just made me do :p
  11. jacson New Member

    How Did you find info on Neubeck? i would love it if you could send me some info Neubeck is my Great uncle
  12. spidge Active Member

    These are the details I have however I cannot seem to upload the headstone image into the post.
    View attachment 4441 View attachment 4441 View attachment 4441
  13. jacson New Member

    Thank you very much
  14. spidge Active Member

    Maybe Sarge can load the headstone photo for you. I capture it and can see it but it does not appear in the post.


  15. CharlesW New Member

    Reading with great interest about the demise of Liberator KH231. My wife's great uncle was Sgt AE Tyreman. His brother is still alive but has never been able to find out much about what happened. But now with the power of the internet ! His family were always puzzled as to why he died in an American plane ( I believe lend lease scheme ? ) and why he had on an Army Uniform as opposed to RAF ( uniform supply problems ?). When he went off to war they had no idea he had actually ended up abroad so it came as quite a shock. I have applied for his Service Record but if anybody does have any further information other than what has already been posted above I would be very grateful. I see that there were 2 survivors- Sugden and Gladstone- I wonder if there are any surviving statements from them?
    Many thanks !

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