5th Canadian Mounted Rifles

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    I am looking for anything to do with the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles between 1915 - 1917. I am an amateur genealogist and I found a family member a few years ago that nobody in my family was aware of.
    Henry Richard Cooper was put into Banardos Childrens Home in London England at the age of 9. Later he was shipped to Canada as a British Home Child and then when he came of age he enlisted in September 1915 aged 18. I know that he was in England/France/Belgium in the Spring of 1916. He was killed on 15th August 1916 in the Bluff Tunnels trench 32. (Any idea where this was?) I have managed to get his Banardos and Military records but there are bits on his military records that I don't understand so I would love some help.
    We have just returned from Belgium, visiting his war grave at Bedford House cemetery. It was beautiful. Definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.
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    Its a General term for the tunnel complex,developed in the Eastern spoilbank of the Ypres Comines canal,extending north from the Bluff .

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