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    Looking for one man ... I found all these ... thought they maybe of interest ! :)

    In Memory of

    619992, 461 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    who died age 23
    on 01 October 1944
    Son of George and Emily Remblance, of Bungay, Suffolk.

    Remembered with honour

    In February 1944 No. 461 Squadron was equipped with the more advanced Mark III Sunderland. This aircraft allowed the Squadron to operate at night. Equipped with these improved aircraft the Squadron continued to fly anti-submarine patrols over the Atlantic, including patrols in support of the Allied landing in Normandy. During 1944 the squadron sank three submarines and damaged a further three.


    With the liberation of southern France the submarine threat emanating from ports there declined, and in turn, so did the intensity of the 461 Squadron’s operations. At the end of September 1944, six of its aircraft were deployed to Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands to conduct operations along the Norwegian Coast. Beginning on 30 September, these lasted until 29 October, when the detachment returned to Pembroke Dock.

    461 Squadron RAAF: Australian War Memorial

    From 461 Squadron’s Operational Record Book.

    1st November

    The first operational sortie of the month brought, after a period of ten months, the loss of an aircraft and crew, F/O, (A/F/LT) H M Godsall and his crew in ML 735, (‘A’), failing to return from patrol, (flown from SULLOM VOE), 30 miles west of Bergen in Norway. In spite of search in the area, nothing has been seen or heard of the crew or aircraft, and it must be presumed that the crew were taken by surprise and shot down before a signal could be got off. F/Lt Godsall and seven of his crew had previously been in action together in March last, when they successfully fought off a twenty minute attack by four JU88s in the Bay of Biscay, and the majority of the crew have been together for a considerable time.


    The minutiae of disposing of effects, letters of condolence to next of kin, etc have also been digitised at the Australian Archive.


    The crew were ..........
    Flight Lieutenant H M Godsall
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Flight Sergeant G L Toose RAAF (AUS 423627)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Pilot Officer E B Willis RAAF (AUS 419103)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Sergeant F Reed 619357
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Warrant Officer P H Brewin RAAF (AUS 418247)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Flying Officer D J Jennings RAAF (AUS 418152)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Flying Officer H H Turnbull RAAF (AUS 418211)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Flight Sergeant J C Cottier RAAF (AUS 423654)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Sergeant J Cottam 1147382
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Fight Sergeant Percival Richard Criddle RAAF (AUS 417621)
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    There do not appear to be any Luftwaffe claims for a Sunderland shot down during this time on any of the usual sources.

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    Great info Annie!


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    Sorry, Annie, 461 Sqn is one of the RAAF sqns I have nothing on. One of my nemesis, nemsiseseses?!

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