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    I'm trying to find info on the following:

    Alexander Whiting (GS/12394,D/14191)
    General Service Dragoons
    3 Dragoon Guards
    He was awarded the Victory & British Medals, and can be found on page 400 of the CC/103 B7 roll for these medals. He was also awarded the 1914-1915 Star, and can be found on page 91 of the CC/31 B2 Roll.

    He entered service in the Western Theatre on 15 June 1915.
    (Thanks to BFBSM on WW2 Talk for the above info).

    Does anyone know the WW1 unit history of the 3rd Dragoons? He died in 1935 of TB related to "War Wounds" according to he death certificate. Just wondering where in France he would have served.
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    The war diary for 3rd Dragoon Guards is held at the National Archives, Kew in WO 95/1153.

    This link will give you an outline though.

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    Nice one Phil. You beat me to it and thats some good info on the 3rd Dragoons. All i can add is the following info.
    Motto Ich Dien (I Serve)
    March Quick - God Bless the Prince of Wales
    Slow - Men of Harlech


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