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Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by Kitty, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Kitty

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    The conflict in Afghanistan is getting worse by all accounts, with more and more of our people dying needlessly for a war that probably shouldn't have happened the way it did.

    We went in willingly for reasons that turned out to be lies, and now we are stuck there. Yesterday we hit the 302nd victim of the conflict with a member of 40 Commando RM being killed in a firefight. My home regiment the Cheshires are already getting hit hard, and having seen them on a farewell tour I know they are all just babies, being an incredibly young regiment.

    What I'd like to know is what has your own country sustainedin casualites as we rarely hear of the American/NATO/Commonwealth casualites from the conflict on our news.

    And for what reasons were you taken into the conflict on?:painkiller:
  2. DFC

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    Wars have been going on in Afghanistan for hundreds of years same deal with other middle east countries comes down to have nots wanting what the haves have .No answer a Few Dozen Massive nukes should sort out the entire middle east problem sorry but true ,getting sick and tired off terrorism and where does 99 % come from say no more.18 killed so far not many but we dont need to be there .
  3. Kitty

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    we lost 4 more today in a car crash as they were on their way to an incident at a check point. its just so needless! and the worst of it is that the lads and lasses are coming back to this country and talking. And they are saying a lot of the Taliban are speaking with British accents, mostly birmingham, manchester and bradford. Uncomfirmed reports of one taliban suicide bombers body having a frickin Liverpool FC tattoo!

    If we weren't so damned shackled by the rules of how to fight, such as they aren't allowed to fire back unless tey are fired at twice and other crap like that then we'd probably do a lot better. and now it has beenannounced the MOD must scrap front line troops and equipment in order to save money.
  4. Cobber

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    In my personal opinion; This is one of the reasons we all are their to fight these people and others who fight against us on foreign ground other wise they will quite probably bring the gunfights and other enemy (terrorist) activities to our home lands in a way we have not yet imagined or thought them capable of, and most especially for many years we have fought hard all over the world to prevent. To let them alone and they get back up, very well could create a blunder of mythical proportions for the west. Destroying the western world and the peoples way of life (especially Christianity and it's sympathisers) is a obvious goal of these people and it's bad enough with all the known and suspected terrorist activities in your and other peoples home lands.

    We have to go the full distance. US and Aussies know this well after their experiences in the Viet Manese war, and the Brits also know due to their involvement in the North Ireland terrorist dilemma, and we all of the Brit Commonwealth remember the 15 years we were in Malaya though the fighting might not have been as intense it showed how these long campaigns can be successfully bought to a positive conclusion. We should all remember that leaving the job undone leaves many openings for the enemy to attack where ever they feel like, so imo if it takes 10 or 20 years then so be it.

    I hate this war just as much as the next person, to me it's really a religous war in camo and one death or wounded is one too many and 300 is a tragedy. However as untactful and horrid as it is we must not forget why we went to Afghanistan in the first place and why we must stay till we can assure some sort of peaceful cohabitation between the peoples that are now fighting.
    Yep i agree they have got their hands tied behind their back, offensive action before the enemy can fire or as a immediate reaction to contact is the only way to go. Only possible opposition to this is when they are firing from amongst civilians.

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