2nd MA and 27th IN at Spangler's Spring

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    I wrote another post about Pvt. Philo Peck and his regiment of the 2nd MA. This is what happened to the regiment on July 3rd at Gettysburg.

    Two regiments near Spangler's Spring were ordered to break up the Confederate line and the orders got garbled. What started as "do it if practicable" ended up by the time it reached the Colonel (Lt Col Mudge) as "do it at all costs" without the caveat of "if practicable."

    Mudge asked for confirmation and was told yes, that was the order. He told his boys that it was murder, but it was an order and had to be followed. And then he sent them directly into the line of fire. They stepped into the meadow and got mowed down by the waiting Confederates.

    The other regiment involved along with the 2nd MA was 27th IN.

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