28th Gloucester Regiment Records

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    Hiya, I'm a newby here trying to trace my family tree.

    I would like military records for three people but I haven't a clue where to get them from or what information I would be given.

    1) My gg-grandfather Emanuel Rawlings was a Color Sergeant in 28th Gloucester Regiment. I have no other details other than that he was deceased by 1905 (these details are taken from his son's marriage certificate - Gilbert Rawlings).

    2) My g-grandfather Gilbert Rawlings - I found WWI pension records but there are no 'real' details in terms of where/when he served but it did give me his number.

    3) My grandmother Ivy Mabel Rawlings b1921 Bristol worked on the guns in WWII and suffered from shell shock which made her deaf.

    Any advice would be gratefully received.

    Thanks :confused:
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    Hi Newby and welcome !! :)

    Love to help ....... but first of all we're going to need a few more details I think .....

    1. The 28th Gloucester Regiment changed it's name just before the Boer War ..... so I'm assuming we need a time frame for Emanuel if possible

    2. You said you have Gilberts service number .... can you tell us his regiment also ? and anything else you know about him - dates where he came from family stories etc !

    3. I'm not sure if Ivy will be easy to find .... where was she working on the guns ?

    Annie :)

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