28 November

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    28 November marks the anniversaries of a couple of civil war battles.

    The Battle of Cane Hill, Washington County, Arkansas in 1862 and the Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee in 1864.

    At one time I lived in Ft. Smith, Arkansas so I was particularly interested in the Battle of Cane Hill. Apparently Major General Blunt of the Union Army drove Confederate troops led by Gen. Marmaduke back to the Boston Mtns. in northeast Arkansas on Nov. 28 which was part of a plan to drive the Confederates all the way back to Missouri. (Boston mtns are also known as the "coal mnts" by the residents.)

    One of the peculiar aspects is that Blunt was actually a physician (and abolutionist) and was given the rank of Major General at the beginning of the Civil war.

    What may also be interesting is the fact that Nov. 28, 1862 was also the day after Thanksgiving, the same as 2014.

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