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Discussion in 'World War 2' started by slouch, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. William Gardner

    William Gardner New Member

    Dear 2/9th

    Chatswood Golf Club has confirmed their Anzac Day Ceremony around the 2/9th Plaque and 25pdr gun will take place at 8.30am The address is Beaconsfield Road, Chatswood NSW 2067 and the phone number is (02) 9419 2336. I look forward to seeing as many as possible of family, friends and a very special guest - Dropshort's Dad! Bring some memorabilia. Safe travels and see you then. My number if helpful is 0400039428 Will
  2. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Thanks all, have spoken to Dad and he,s going to the dawn service at Kurrajong and then will make his way to Chatswood for the service, have a good day. Bob.
  3. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Thanks to all who welcomed Dad today at the golf club, he had a great time. his great grand daughter pushed hard to be with him today, she is in year 12 and lives out west near Parkes, her mother made a big effort to get her there. thanks again.
  4. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Attended the Bathurst 200 year celebrations over the w/end. Took the combination and Dad along for the ride, he talked to heaps of interested people, had a ball. very cold and overcast but no rain, a long day for some. bathurst 200 003 (2).jpg bathurst 200 001 (2).jpg
  5. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Recently discussion was held as to North Fort Pavers, some may already know that there are some already in place. M3 - 20 area should yield the pavers, 1 large several individual.
  6. Trish Smith

    Trish Smith New Member

    image.jpeg This is my fathers photo John William Kitchener Delaney. He was a bombardier in the 2/9th. Sadly he passed away in 1973 aged 57. He would have been 100 this year. I would like to attend the Anzac service at Chatswood Golf Club if it is being held this year. Please has anyone information on this
  7. Brian Widenstrom

    Brian Widenstrom New Member

    Hi Trish,
    I attended last years service and will be there again this year. I get there at 8 but I think it starts at 8.30. Am pretty sure that it will be on again this year.
  8. halcyon.64

    halcyon.64 New Member

    Hello. Have recently purchased a photo album that belonged to a member of the 2/9th. His name was William Charles Connell (VX18095). Although there are not many personal photos in it, there are a few which mention other soldiers. Most of the album is made up of souvenir postcards from Syria. We have a war history museum on our farm on the south coast of WA. Coincidentally, we have a large scale metal model of a 25 pounder so I will put the album next to it.

    Best regards,
    Albany, W.A.
  9. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Dad is still going strong, sorry we have been ofline for some time. not sure whats happening this year YET [2017 ].
  10. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Richard [ Dick ] has been asked to participate at his great grand daughters Anzac Day ceremonies, as school captain she will deliver the address. So Dick [ 98 in may ] will travel to Orange, go to the Dawn service with son Bob and grand son Ian, then travel west a couple of hours to participate in the street march and Anzac service, returning home when he feels like it.
  11. dropshort25

    dropshort25 New Member

    Richard Mc Neill nx28724 gunner 2/9th, passed away 24.7.18 after short illness aged 99. Lest we forget.

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