2.5 Turret Russian Tank?

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    Does anyone know what tank this is or have any information on it? I'm pretty sure it is Russian but that is all I know.

    I'm just curious because it looks so strange.

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    Thanks Kyt :)
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    In 1937 of KB of the Kharkov Engine-building factory (ХПЗ) has received the design assignment of the new heavy tank of break on the basis of Т-35. According to requirements of Autoarmoured management (АБТУ), confirmed on November, 5th, 1937, it was supposed to create the three-tower car in weight 50-60 т with the reservation of 75-45 mm, armed in one 76-mm, in two 45-mm the guns, two machine guns of a recreation centre and six ДТ. In the new tank it was provided to use transmission and a running part from Т-35. But, despite numerous requirements АБТУ, to the beginning of 1938 designers ХПЗ have managed only to spend outline study of six variants of the new tank differing only with placing of arms. Therefore in April, 1938 for acceleration of designing of the new heavy tank of break АБТУ has connected to this work the Leningrad Kirov factory (ЛКЗ) with its powerful industrial base and experience of batch production Т-28, and also factory N 185 it. Kirov which shots, in turn, had a wide experience on working out of new samples of fighting vehicles. The first factory was projected by tank SMK (Sergey Mironovich Kirov), the leading engineer of car A.S. Yermolaev; the second - a product 100 (or Т-100), the leading engineer of car E.SH. Палей.
    Till August, 1938, not having contracts on manufacturing of new cars, factories conducted, mainly, outline designing. By work full speed were developed only after the Decision of Committee of Defense at СНК USSR N 198сс from August, 7th, 1938 in which rigid terms of manufacturing of new samples of tanks were established: СМК by May, 1st, 1939, Т-100 by June, 1st, 1939 in two months, on October, 10th and 11 the commission under presidency of the assistant to chief АБТУ of the military engineer of 1st rank Коробкова has considered drawings and wooden breadboard models in натyральную size of tanks SMK and Т100. Despite a number of deviations from set тактико - technical requirements - in particular, instead of a suspension bracket as Т-35 with spiral springs on СМК were used торсионные shaft, and on Т-100 - balance weights with lamellar springs - the model commission has given "good" on manufacturing of pre-production models of tanks under the shown drawings and breadboard models. On December, 9th, 1938 Projects of new heavy tanks were considered at joint session of the Political bureau of Central Committee VKP () and Defense Committee.
    Under I.V.Stalin's instructions, for simplification of weight of tanks number of towers on them have reduced to two. In January, 1939 manufacturing of tanks in metal has begun. The first trial departure on factory SMK court yard has made on April, 30th, and Т-100 - on July, 1st, 1939 After factory обкатки both cars have been transferred on полигонные tests which have begun at night since July, 31st for August, 1st. On September, 20th СМК and Т-100 participated in the governmental display of serial and skilled tanks which were passing on range in the Cuban near Moscow. On it were present K.E.Voroshilov, А.А. Zhdanov, N.A.Voznesensky, A.I.Mikoyan, D.G.Paul, I.A.Lihachev, V.A.Malyshev and others. By the end of November, 1939 run СМК with-. Put 1700 km, and Т-100 more than 1000 km. With the beginning of the Soviet-Finnish war both tank have been removed with полигонных tests and directed on front for check in fighting conditions. These tests were spent by forces of factory drivers for what the special permission from Moscow has been received. The workers selected for this purpose, had training special short-term preparation on driving of cars, training to shooting from a gun, a machine gun, together with to other skills necessary in fight. The commander of crew СМК senior lieutenant Petin, by the assistant to the commander sergeant Mogilchenko, the marksman-radio operator and the tipper-of - Red Army men has been appointed. Besides, into structure of crew СМК has entered three workers of the Kirov factory mechanic-driver V.I.Ignatyev, A.P.Kunitsyn's mechanic and трансмиссионщик A.G.Tokarev.
    СМК surpassed heavy tank T-35 in speed, in a stock of a course, passableness, could overcome lifting in 40 degrees whereas for Т-35 the steepness more than 15 was a limit. Originally the tank should have the same system of a suspension bracket, as Т-35, but it was not so reliable and demanded for protection of bulky and heavy armored screens. That is why already at an early design stage from it has been decided to refuse and for the first time in the USSR to use on the heavy tank торсионную a suspension bracket already applied on easy Swedish and German tanks.
    Crew Т-100 consisted of military men of 20th heavy tank brigade - the commander of lieutenant M.P.Astakhov, Artamonov's gunners, Козлова, radio operator Smirnova and workers of factory N 185 it. Of Kirov - driver A.D.Pljuhina, spare driver V.A.Drozhzhina and V.I.Kaplanova's mechanic. СМК, Т-100 and skilled КВ have made poтy the heavy tanks, 91st tank battalion of 20th heavy tank brigade included in structure. The commander роты have appointed captain Kolotushkina. On December, 17th, 1939 рота has entered fight in area Hottinen. In many domestic and foreign publications the history of fighting application СМК and Т-100 is described in detail enough. Its general sense everywhere almost identical also is reduced approximately to the following. Moving at the head of a tank column, СМК has driven into a heap of boxes under which there was a disguised land mine. Explosion has damaged the idler and a caterpillar, and the tank has risen. Т-100 and КВ have risen nearby, having covered lined СМК. Using it, crew СМК tried to put within several hours the car on a course. However to make it it was not possible, and СМК it was necessary to leave on a neutral strip. Further from the book in the book the detective history how brave Finnish scouts have made the way to the tank wanders and have managed to remove a cover of the hatch of the mechanic-driver. And this cover made of a usual (not armored) steel as кондиционную to send were not in time, has got then to German engineers who have decided, that СМК it is entirely made of the crude reservation. And it has ostensibly played the big role in одержании victories over fascist armies.

    However researches of archival documents show, that all aforesaid mismatches the validity. First time рота heavy tanks has entered fight on December, 17th, 1939, around Hottinensky укрепрайона Finns. However attack has ended unsuccessfully. Next day attack has been repeated twice and again without results. And, during last attack, at tank KV the tool trunk has been raked. The car has risen on repair. On December, 19th СМК and Т-100 have received a problem to support our parts which have broken in depth of the Finnish strengthenings in area Hottinen. Both cars have acted forward accompanied by five tanks T-28. Tanks were already far in the heart of defence of the opponent when under going in advance СМК strong explosion has thundered. Near to the padded tank has stopped Т-100 and one Т-28, and other four cars have left forward and have disappeared behind turn. Crew СМК tried to rescue the tank, has connected the broken caterpillars, but to get the car has not managed. Numerous attempts Т-100 to take on a tow damaged СМК have not crowned success: because of a glaze ice of a caterpillar of "hundred part" revolved and to shift from a place the tank it was not possible. It was not possible to shift СМК and joint efforts of "hundred part" and remained Т-28. Within five hours tanks conducted fight in the heart of the Finnish positions. In it to fight sergeant Mogilchenko has been hard wounded and driver Ignatyev is easily wounded. Having shot all боезапас, crew СМК has got over on Т-100. Overloaded "hundred part" (with 15 members of crew!) accompanied by tank T-28 has returned to an arrangement of 20th tank brigade. For this fight crews of cars have been awarded by awards and medals. Loss of the skilled tank has caused anger in chief АБТУ D.G.Pavlova. Under its personal order on December, 20th, 1939 for rescue of a confidential fighting vehicle have been allocated рота by 167th МСБ and 37th field company, strengthened by two tools and seven tanks T-28. Captain Nikulenko ordered group.
    The group managed to break for the Finnish posts on 100-150 m where he has been met by strong artillerijsko-machine-gun fire. Having lost the killed and wounded 47 persons, the group has departed on initial positions, not having executed the order. Damaged СМК has staid in the heart of the Finnish positions till the end of February, 1940 to Examine it it was possible only on February, 26th, after break of the main strip to "line Маннергейма". In the beginning of March, 1940 СМК by means of six tanks T-28 have towed off on station Perk-Jarvi and in the disassembled kind have sent on the Kirov factory. On the instructions of АБТУ РККА the factory should repair the tank and transfer it to storage in the Cuban situated near Moscow. But for some reasons repair has not been made. СМК has lain on boondocks of factory to 50th then has gone to a meltdown. From Russia with love/
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    Thank you for a very interesting account.
    The SMK looks very modern for its time. But I think it would have been too complicated to build in the large numbers that were needed in WW2. And the tall main turret would have been very vulnerable to fire from other tanks.
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    This tank at all did not approach for conditions of ww2. this is a Parquet tank, like t-35. primary mission - Demonstration of military power of the Soviet union on the red square.

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