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    1st Royal Tank Regiment (1 RTR ) has now handed over the CBRN role to the RAF Regiment, and is to merge with the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment as part of the British defence cuts. The merged regiment, Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) will be based at Tidworth on Salisbury Plain and will be one of 3 armoured regiments equipped with Challenger II tanks.
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    Thanks for providing this mate. Helped me a lot in my school project :)
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    1450202_10151994526072500_779802072_n.jpg 1454624_260950797389753_735482395_n.jpg 1425626_260950297389803_1363345381_n.jpg 988774_10151994525947500_1515737796_n.jpg The Royal Tank Regiment was granted the privilege of parading at the Cenotaph in London by King George VI. The parade on the Sunday closest to the date of the Battle of Cambrai is very special to the regiment. This year was the last time 1 & 2 RTR would parade as separate regiments as they will merge into a single regiment on 2nd August 2014. Photo's show 1 RTR (red) & 2 RTR (saffron/yellow) marching onto Horse Guards parade before the march to the cenotaph. Also the scene at the Cenotaph and the pipes and drums of 1 RTR.
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    The Royal Tank Regiment has formed an extra Squadron called Falcon. It is a CBRN force and is taking back part of the CBRN role previously relinquished to the RAF Regiment

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