18th Century Sikh Warrior in resin bronze on kickstarter

Discussion in 'Military Modelling' started by taran3d, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. taran3d

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    Hi guys
    I thought i would share with you my 3D model to be cold cast in resin bronze of 18th century Sikh Warrior Garja Singh.
    I researched and modelled all the weapons with detail in 3D - the project was successfully funded in 5 days and its still available
    if anyone is interested. Thanks For viewing


    “...they kept their horses still and met the British charge by laying flat on their horses’ necks, with their heads protected by their thick turbans and their backs by their shields; and immediately the British soldiers passed through their ranks, the Sikhs swooped round on them and struck back-handed with their sharp, curved swords, in several instances cutting our cavalry men in two”. Sgt. William Forbes Mitchell (93rd Sutherland Highlanders) writing on the Anglo-Sikh Wars.

    garjaside.jpg garjatop.jpg testshot bronze G.62.jpg earlygarja.jpg
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    Very nice statue. What is the height? 77mm? 125mm?
  3. taran3d

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    its 300mm

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