140th New York's Colonel Patrick O'Rorke (w/Photo)

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Oct 1, 2014.

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    His monument is one of my favorites at Little Round Top. For some reason, people feel the need to reach out and touch the poor man's nose when passing by, so it's always shiny because of the rubbing. Last visit I couldn't help getting up close and personal and snapping this close-up.

    Colonel O'Rorke died at Gettysburg when he was only 26 years old. He is buried at Rochester, NY. He came to the United States (Rochester) from Ireland when he was just a year old.

    "Paddy" as he was called, graduated #1 top of his class at West Point. The story of his bravery at Little Round Top is touching. It's easy to forget with the success of the movie "Gettysburg" that a lot more was going on there than what the 20th Maine did.


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