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    13 Dec. 1862

    An estimated 11,000 troops were killed when the Confederate Army led by General Robert E. Lee over ran the Union Army at the battle of Fredricksburg.


    Although I have my own research in another war, I really enjoy going back to find out what distinguishing military action took place each day. Even though some of it has no real influence on my personal subjects, I thought everyone might enjoy the updates.

    By the Bye..Sir Francis Drake decided to take a boat ride circumnavigating the world on this day in 1577. It's not a military thing but enjoy anyway.
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    Ah yes, Fredericksburg. I've been there (that couldn't possibly surprise you! hehe) and while I'd love to claim pleasant memories, most of those memories involve getting lost around a ridiculously busy exit off of I95. Twice. :(

    Once away from the stress of the traffic and city set-up, the battlefield itself is quiet and it's a nice drive.

    There's one spot with cannons on a hill that's beautiful and secluded. When I was there, I heard cannon fire. Very clear and distinctive. I cannot explain it and I generally refuse to talk about it because people try to make light of it and say things like "oh that must have been a truck backfiring" (Uh... nowhere *near* a road or highway, but whatev...) or "yeah, right, it was your imagination." I just brush those off, know what I heard, and consider it a very special moment while visiting one of my beloved Civil War battlefields.
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    It's okay Kate. It was just one of those reincarnation attacks coming at you. Relax and tell me all about it Liebchen.
    Seriously, I do believe you. There is a distinct difference between cannon fire and back-fire. Where my wife and I reside, exploding ordinance is a daily occurance, sometimes on multiple occasions. My wife always asks me when any kind of explosive device is heard around here if it is "gunfire or fire crackers, or is that the arsenal or thunder?" Lately, they have been getting rid of old ordinance so it gets quite noisy.
    Generally, if things are going to get out of the ordinary, they warn us. Thank God for that. If I wasn't ready for some of this stuff I might find myself ducking or on the floor. Old habits are hard to break.
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    Thanks for believing me, @preacherbob50 . If ever I'd tell you some of the many things that have happened to me at Gettysburg, you may no longer believe anything I say. That's why I never talk about them. But they're real and no one can ever be sure of that but me since I was there. Sure causes some deep inner reflection, I'll tell you that.

    Oh my, I can't even imagine! Yes, I've often heard this with veterans and I know that things like fireworks are often an issue.
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    I have heard from other folks concerning other areas in the U.S. that they too heard and felt strange things. The Chalmette battle field outside of N. Orleans has had it's share of "ghostly" occurrences. Bayou Barataria is a good area if you want to check out Jean Lafitte.
    No, I can't doubt ya Katie.

    Oh yeah Kate.....shhhh. nudge, nudge. Battle of Nashville, 15 Dec.1864 (ended the war in Tennessee)

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