111 Fld Regt RA, 8th Indian Division

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  1. Ubique

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    Looking for info on when this chap died.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Capt Frank Ellis 111 Field Regt RA killed 08/12/1943.
    I believe they were with 8th Indian Divison at the time.
    It's a friend of mine's father.
    Help, please.
  2. spidge

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    The big clue in identification is in the story of the Sangro cemetery:

  3. Ubique

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    I've found this.They were supporting NZ troops.
    River Sangro and Orsogna, 11 Nov 1943 - 17 Jan 1944

    Anyone have a history of 8th Indian?
  4. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

  5. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Well I am not going to post what I found! Must be great minds think alike as I had the same thing!
  6. Ubique

    Ubique Guest

    Thank You for your help.
  7. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    I was reading this site this morning about the error with Bardia and Tobruk. Whatever source he used did not acknowledge the Australian 6th Division as the division who took both places.

    New Zealand in WW2

  8. Kyt

    Kyt Άρης

    There seems to be conflicting info about the 111. As far as I can tell, they were part of the 2nd NZ Division. Thet may have been attached to the 8th Indians for a while but I cannot find them in the 8ths order of battle.

    The 111 did move around quite a bit as this shows:

    Axis History Forum :: 111th Field Regiment R.A (TA)

    I don't have the official history of the 8th Indians (damn difficult to get hold of) but a general hsitory is avaiable online in its entirety:

    The Tiger Triumphs. The Story of Three Great Divisions in Italy. 1946. Foreword. Table of Contents.

    Interestingly I can't find Ellis's name in The Times casualty lists (not that is any indicator). Has your friend applied for his service records?
  9. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    They were here at El Alamein October 1942.

    XIII CORPS [Lt General Horrocks]
    577 Field Company RE
    578 Field Company RE
    576 Field Park Company RE
    13 Corps Signals
    50TH (Northumbrian) INFANTRY DIVISION [Major General Nichols]
    2 Bn Cheshire Regiment (machine gun bn)
    74 Field Regiment RA
    111 Field Regiment RA
    124 Field Regiment RA
    154 Field Regiment RA
    102 Anti-tank Regiment RA
    34 LAA Regiment RA
    233 Field Company RE
    505 Field Company RE
    235 Field Park Company RE
    50 Northumbrian Division Signals
    1 Greek Infantry Brigade [Brigadier ]
    1 Infantry Battalion
    2 Infantry Battalion
    3 Infantry Battalion
    1 Artillery Regiment
    1 Machine Gun Company
    1 Engineer Company
    151 Infantry Brigade [ Brigadier Percy]
    6 Bn Durham Light Infantry
    8 Bn Durham Light Infantry
    9 Bn Durham Light Infantry
    69 Infantry Brigade [ Brigadier Cooke-Collis]
    5 Bn East Yorkshire Regiment
    6 Bn Green Howards
    7 Bn Green Howards
  10. Ubique

    Ubique Guest

    I didn't get the full story until today.

    There is more to the story that I won't put on the forum but they tried to get Service Records but aren't listed as NoK.
    Seems a complicated personal story.
    Don't think the July bit is correct as they'd be in Sciliy in July nowhere near the Sangro.
  11. tmcav

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    My father in law was in the 111th and was awarded the MM during his time in the Adriatic, sadly he passed away this year. However during his last days we talked a bit about his war and he mentioned that they were on the island of Hvar as a reconn party, they had stopped and were having a drink in a old barn when a sniper bullet killed his captain I am sure he said his name was Ellis he described him as a good officer.

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